Daniel Tobler

Daniel Tobler

Holder Zurich Notary Diploma

+41 58 881 02 40
Usteristrasse 12, P. O. Box 1172, CH-8021 Zurich

Expertise & industries
  • Inheritance law
  • Insolvency - economic crisis
  • Real estate
  • German
  • English

About Daniel Tobler

Daniel Tobler advises private clients on matrimonial property and inheritance law matters and supports both private and institutional clients in private and foreclosure law matters relating to real estate. He also acts as executor of wills, estate distribution agent and deputy, and provides assistance to holders of advance care directives. He focuses on reaching amicable solutions between clients and their contractual partners or the opposing party. In contentious matters he assists colleagues from the Litigation and Arbitration team in issues of substantive law in his fields of specialism.

He acquired his experience and specialisation in the above-mentioned areas of practice as a deputy notary at the notary's office in Riesbach-Zurich (until 2001), as a team leader in the inheritance department of the Zurich Cantonal Bank (until 2005) and as an associate and partner of the commercial law firm Wenger Plattner (until 2021).

Daniel Tobler graduated from the University of Zurich in 1998 and obtained his elective certificate as a notary (notary diploma) in 2000.